Church Health and Growth Institute


Church Renewal & Growth
Facilitation, Visioning, Strategic Planning & Action Planning
Leadership & Discipleship Training
Spiritual Gifts Assessment & Assimilation
New Ministry Development
Organization, Program & Curriculum Development
Human Resource & Bookkeeping Services
Pastor  Coaching & Leadership Team Coaching



KW will offer our New Ministry Development Institute to Church Planters and Senior Pastors of new and emerging churches beginning Tuesday, March 27, 2018, 6:00 to 8:00 pm.

The Institute will provide training for church planter and pastors of new and emerging churches and faith-based organizations in developing organizational structure, strategic planning, leadership development, and building and managing teams. 

These classes will be offered in 

Houston in our local office and in facilities throughout the Greater Houston Area.  Classes can also be offered at the church site.

Once our webinar platform has been launched our class will be available globally through webinar platform. .


"Developing Ministries for People and Developing People for Ministries"

As a para-church ministry, The Institute comes along side the church to develop new ministries, make existing ministries more effective and provides training and coaching to help the church be even more successful in its ministries.  

Classes will be offered to senior pastors of established churches on how to prepare their congregation for strategic planning and increase member engagement in ministry.

Below are some of the services available:

  • Laying A Solid Foundation -Church Planters & New Pastors Training
  • Preparation to Lead Strategic Planning for Church
  • Engaging the Laity
  • Closing the Back Door
  • Becoming a Missional Church
  • Understanding Where Your Congregation is on the Life Cycle of a Congregation and How to Respond
  • Health Church Assessment and Development
  • The Fifth Discipline & Becoming A Learning Organization
  • Leading Congregational Change
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Strategic Planning
  • Planning & Facilitating Retreats
  • Webinars globally
  • National and international workshops and conferences. 

Church Planters & New Pastors Training

 This is three 12 week intensive emergence cohorts meeting weekly to prepare new church planters and Senior Pastors of new and emerging ministries.
SESSION ONE: Discovery and Developing Solid Foundation

  • Leadership Emergence Theory - Life Long Development (Discern how God prepared you for ministry)
  • Church Planting I
  • Spiritual Gifts, Passion, Temperament, Personality and Interest Assessments
  • Personal Core Values
  • Personal Mission and Purpose
  • Personal Vision 
  • Organizational Mission and Purpose
  • Organizational Core Values
  • Organizational Vision
  • Your "BIG WHY"
  • Demographic Research
  • Describe your customer

SESSION TWO:  Organizational Development

  • Church Planting II
  • Leadership
  • Developing Organization's Structure & Staffing
  • Developing Church Plating Budget
  • Developing Church Operational Budget
  • Incorporation and 501 (c) (3)
  • Setting up HR (Org Chart, Employee Handbook, Job Descriptions, Performance Evaluations . . .)
  • Setting up Org Finances (QuickBook)
  • Financial Management

SESSION III:  Personal, Leadership and Ministry Development

  • Church Planting III
  • Leadership Training
  • Being Servant Leader
  • Being a Visionary Leader
  • Developing Leaders
  • Developing and Managing Teams
  • Strategic Planning
  • Pastoral Care - Tending the Sheep
  • Connectional Ministries & Keeping the Back Door Closed
  • Establishing an Assimilation Ministry
  • Healthy Church
  • 5th Discipline & Becoming a Learning Organization



A message from our pastor, Camelia Joseph, on why we do this ministry.

I have  30 plus years experience in ministry.  I specializes in church revitalization, church planting and mobilizing the Laity.  

I believe the first priority of the church is evangelism (saving souls), as Jesus said "to seek and save the lost".  Second. is to make disciples, develop members into fully devoted followers of Christ. We must develop our people in WORD, Spirit and godly character.  Third, is to engage our people in ministry, teach them to share their faithand make disciples.   Unfortunately, many of us are not doing well in any of the three areas.  We are so consumed with the routine of doing church and caring for the flock, that we have little time to think of or do the others.   Don't be discouraged, there are ways to tap into the hearts of your people and get them excited about growing in Christ personally and doing ministry.  

For many year, my ministry purpose statement was to "equip the saints for the work of the ministry".  Several years ago, I was taking a class with Dr. J.  Robert Clinton, outstanding professor of Leadership at Fuller Theological Seminary and author of many excellent books on Christian Leadership, that required me to write my "Life purpose statement".  Late Sunday evening, I was lying in my bed communing with the LORD and I sat up and I asked Him, "what is my life purpose".  He said very clearly the following:


"To develop ministries for people and develop people for ministry."  

Since that time I have dedicate my life to helping people find their place in ministry and helping churches and individuals develop traditional and not-traditional ministries in and outside the church for them to serve.  It is the heart of why I do church consulting.  We must help our people discover their God given spiritual gifts, temperament and passion and find their place in ministry.  This may require developing new ministries where they can serve. Everyone can not be a teacher, usher, greeter or sing in the choir or work in the parking lot. The church must provide other opportunities for service.  This can be done by developing ministries to serve the many diverse needs of our members and our community.  See one of my favorite quotes below by Larry Gilberts from his book, "How to Find Meaning and Fulfillment through Understanding the Spiritual Gift Within You."

It also has been wisely said, "To know God's will is the greatest knowledge, to do God's will is the greatest achievement . . .  Success is being where God placed you, doing what God wants you to do with the Gifts He has given you . . .  The really successful people are those who have found God's will and living in it to the best of their ability."

  Pastors, if you want excited faithful members, help them find their place in ministry, where they will find fulfillment and joy.

Pastors, if you really want excited faithful workers, help them understand and catch the Vision of your ministry and see their
               place in it. 

We can help you.   We utilizes participatory facilitation methods to lead the church through seeking God and envisioning His preferred future for your church, clarifying your mission (purpose) and core value, and developing a strategic plan including goals, objectives, strategic actions steps with timeline, and a system to implement and monitor and evaluate for results.  We assist you in setting up an Assimilation Ministry and developing new nontraditional ministries, where your members can serve including missional (outreach) and marketplace ministries. 

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