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KW Employment and Training Services (KWETS) is a program that helps adults with disabilities find and keep jobs. If you desire full or part-time employment, we can help. We specialized in job readiness training, job placement, job coaching and follow-up. 

We provide support for both you and your employer after you are hired to ensure your success. We have placed hundreds in small, mid-size and Fortune 500 organizations, who proved to be excellent workers. We believe in you and your ability to work. We are very much interested in adding you to our list of satisfied customers. 

KWETS works with job seekers for all types of positions from factory, office, health care, retail, distribution center, hotel, restaurant, fast food and more. We can assist you with securing from entry level to professional positions.


February 12, 2018, KW is launching its Vocational Adjustment Training Program (VAT) Training with a 2 week BOOT CAMP including Exploring the "You" in Work, Soft Skills to Pay The Bills, Entering the World of Work, and Preparing for a Job Search.  These four classes will help participants identify a career choice and equip them with the skills needed to be successful in employment.  


KW will offer the full line of Vocational Adjustment Training (VAT) classes at its Houston office - watch the schedule.:  We are also available to conduct classes at your location.  Please contact us to schedule classes at your location.





The purpose of the work experience is to help the consumer understand work culture, work expectations, and skills (soft and hard) associated with the vocational industry of the specific work experience. Consumers should have the opportunity to

  • develop skills and competencies;
  • build self-confidence;
  • network with employees of the business or agency; and
  • receive feedback on his or her performance related to meeting the expectations of the business or agency.

The work experience site will mentor the consumers in developing essential job skills and give them insight into the nature of employment. 



Supported Employment Services includes such ongoing support services as:

  • social skills training;
  • job skills training;
  • observation of customer performance;
  • setting up or training of "natural supports" or Extended Service providers; and
  • setting up accommodations at the worksite.

Ongoing Support Services is  provided at least twice each month to monitor the customer at the work site and as necessary off-site to ensure the customer maintains successful competitive integrated employment. Under certain circumstances, especially at the request of the customer and with approval from the counselor, the twice-monthly monitoring meetings with the customer may be held off-site. If off-site monitoring is determined to be appropriate, at least one contact with the employer each month is required.


 Vocational Adjustment Training (VAT) for Work Readiness includes services to help a consumer learn and adjust to the daily workplace routine. The services allow a consumer to develop the competencies and essential skills necessary to function successfully on the job and in the community. Work Readiness prepares consumers for successful employment so they can be as self-sufficient as possible. It is the intent of Work Readiness services to meet the needs of each consumer and help address or manage vocational impediments.  VAT classes include:

  1.  Exploring the “You” in Work
  2. Soft Skills for Work Success
  3. Soft Skills to Pay the Bills: Mastering Soft Skills for Success
  4. Entering the World of Work
  5. Preparing for Job Search Training
  6. Disability Disclosure Training
  7. Money Smart – A Financial Education Training
  8. Public Transportation Training