Mondays, beginning March 15th, 6:30-9:00 central
One Year (4 Quarters)

This Cohort is designed to equip Senior Pastors and those called to start new ministries and nonprofits with skills and resources needed.

This Cohort will provide training for Senior Pastors, Church Planters and Christians starting new ministries or nonprofit community-based organizations in clarifying the mission, vision, and values; developing organizational structure and systems; goal setting and strategic planning; leadership development; building and managing teams; fund development and grant writing; and more. 

The one-year Cohort has four 10 week quarters.

  1. FIRST QUARTER: Discovery (Gaining Clarity and Developing Solid Foundation)
  2. SECOND QUARTER:  Organization Development (Getting Your House in Order-developing organization structure & systems)
  3. THIRD QUARTER:  Preparing to Lead (Personal, Leadership and Ministry Development – Strengthen you as a leader, manager, and administrator)
Early Bird Price: $2,000 (reg. $2,400) Pay by 3/1/2021
Regular Price: $2,400 year or $600 quarterly
12-month payment plan at $225/month

You will learn more in this Cohort than you would in a full 2-year Associate Degree Program because it has been designed specifically to teach you those things most important to the success of your ministry or nonprofit.

Friday, March 26th | 7 - 9:30PM and
Saturday, March 27th | 9AM - 3:30PM

A virtual Christ-Centered Spiritual Retreat to gain clarity on your future and develop long, mid, and short-term goals for your life.

Start Your Year with A Christ-Centered Spiritual Retreat onlinePlan Your Career/Ministry & Life

  • This is your time to pray, think, reflect, and plan how you get there.
  • You may want to bring your spouse to plan together.
  • Develop your long (10-30 yrs.), medium (3 yrs.), and short (1 yr.) plans, goals, and strategy.
  • Rent a hotel room or find a private space in your home-Turn off TV & Phone.
  • Get a babysitter for the kids, if you can.

Throughout the retreat, I will lead you in brief periods of corporate worship and teaching and give you instructions for your time along with God as you return to your sacred space. We will reconvene at the appointed time for further instructions. Most of your time will be seeking God praying, reflecting, and writing your plan in your sacred space.

Early Bird: $99.00 Pay by Monday, 3/15/21

General Admission: $125

VIP Admission: $174, VIP includes 1 hour of one-on-one coaching session.

You will LEARN A PLANNING PROCESS, which you can use for a lifetime to PLAN, REVIEW your progress, REVISE your direction, and MAKE COURSE CORRECTION as your living conditions change.