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Foundations gave $105 billion in 2022. The Federal government gave $1.1 trillion in 2022. Could your organization use some of that money to do Kingdom Work? If you have been desiring to learn about grants and how to find funding, join us for our four-week course, prepare for 2024.

Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:30  to 9:00 p.m. Central

11/28/2023 – 12/19/2023

Online – Zoom

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This course provides training in the basics of Grant Writing for those seeking to develop their skills in finding funding and writing grants.

It is designed to prepare those who desire to become a grant writer for their organization or to become a professional grant writer-for-hire.

It is project-based learning and requires research and writing. Bring your computer, come prepared to learn and work. Each church team will write a grant for their church as a team. 


  • How and where to seek out foundation, corporate, and government grants.
  • How to develop each core component of a grant proposal.

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  • You will write the core components of a grant for your organization during the class.
  • You will leave with these core components written that can be customized for future grants. 

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  • Your organization MISSION STATMENT
  • Select a PROGRAM(S) you will write the grant for
  • Your customer, WHO YOU WILL SERVE & WHY do they NEED YOUR SERVICE
  • The PROBLEM you are desiring to solve for them and your METHODS for solving the problem.
  • Think about the STAFF and EQUIPMENT you will need for your BUDGET.


Hello, Like many of you, I did not set out to be a grant writer. But each time I had a burden for a certain group of people or a cause and God gave me a vision and a plan of how I could make a difference, it always required money that I did not have and my church or organization I worked for didn’t have. I figured out that if I could write winning grants, I could do whatever God put on my heart to do. So, I started taking all the free grant writing classes I could find. Eventually, I realized, if I wanted to go from being good to great and to be successful, I had to pay for my training. I paid and took classes with Best-in-Class organizations. It was worth every penny. I wrote grants and was funded to develop and run exciting programs that changed the lives of many individuals and their families. I know many of you are probably like me. You’ve got dreams and visions for programs or ministries, for you and your church, but you don’t have the money to fund it. Sew a seed into your future. Make an investment in yourself that never runs out. Invest the time to learn about grant writing. It could be the blessing you have been believing God for. Get the skills needed to write the grants to fund your Pastor and your members’ dreams. Learn to grant write and you can do it over and over again. It is the GIFT that never stops GIVING. I pray this class will inspire you to become a great grant writer.

Pastor Camelia Joseph

For Information & Registration Contact: 

Call or Email Pastor Camelia Joseph at 626-354-0436 / [email protected]

PLEASE WRITE “GRANT WRITER BOOT CAMP” in the subject field of emails so we don’t miss your email. 



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